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Hotel in Pucón? Lake Lodge steals the limelight...

Pucón in summer is a great destination. So much to do, see and enjoy. However, you are both encouraged and advised to choose your accommodation wisely as the hustle and bustle of the centre may not be your best option if you seek peace and tranquillity.

This is where Lake Lodge fits in perfectly! A haven of calm, with simple yet elegant lines, a manicured garden, roof top terrace and a perfect 180 ° view over Lake Villarrica.

24-Lake Lodge panorama.jpg

You may hear some local dogs barking as you marvel at the panorama, or the splashing of your feet in the infinity pool may interrupt your thoughts; but you will certainly not hear music, car horns or late night parties. And you will definitely not have any problem parking.

The first time I visited Lake Lodge I was pleasantly surprised by a) the view, and b) the silence. The location seems to breathe the concept of space. The double rooms and apartments are airy and private. The furniture is stylish; the decor relaxing; the comfort unassuming. Dotingly turned into a modern classic that looks as if it has always been there, Lake Lodge has turned heads and received flawless accolades in its short life to date as a lodging option in Pucón.

19-Lake Lodge exterior 1.jpg

Simple touches such as one-off art pieces, a classical dresser from Europe, the infinity pool stretching out towards the waters of the lake are what turn this hotel into a unique experience. The lazy homemade breakfast is a perfect way to start your day, followed by quiet time on your private terrace. A great coffee, a dip in the pool and sunset over the lake are all you need to while away a late afternoon. The best option is simply to experience it for yourself.

In high demand so book fast, Lake Lodge hotel in Pucón is the stage stealer for 2015!

©Sarah White 2015-Author's rights reserved

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