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ATTA - Adventure Travel World Summit 2015 in Chile

Next week, between October 5 and 9, Puerto Varas just south of Pucón will host the major international tourism event called ATTA. This Adventure Travel World Summit attracts tourism operators and press from around the globe who are looking to immerse themselves in the raw beauty of Chile and experience firsthand the views, adrenaline and quality of the services on offer.

The abundance of options such as trekking, horse riding, kayaking, rafting, birdwatching, snowboard, canyoning, fly fishing, mountain bike tours, rock climbing, bird watching, cultural experiences and local gastronomy guarantee that there is always something available for everyone. With countless national parks and reserves, live volcanoes, excellent skiing and lost pockets of pristine wilderness, is really is no surprise that Chile is appearing on more and more vacation searches than ever before.

For those of you who are attending, and also for those simply looking to plan a trip to the south now or in the future, we reach out to you and ask you to extend your stay to avoid missing the amazing views and options available in Pucón. Just 4 hours north of Puerto Varas, Pucón is a perfect stop on the way down to the summit. When you are finally ready to leave to head south, opt for a hire car or a private transfer so you can take in the hidden vistas from the back roads that link the lakes and volcano regions to which both Pucón and Puerto Varas belong.

During a three day stay in Pucón you can easily fit in the following adventures…

The Quetrupillan volcano offers an amazing day of hiking and photos stops and provides the perfect alternative to the more touristy Villarrica volcano ascent which remains closed after the eruption in March this year. Yes it is a very long day, and it is not a skip and a hop in the park, but it is most definitely worth it! You will hike among native forest, be blown away by the panoramas, and will feel like you are the only person who has ever set foot there when you reach the crater itself.

One full day down, two left to fill. The half day activities on offer again are numerous: horse riding, canopy, white water rafting, a visit to the local hot springs. It’s a personal choice, but yes, you can combine canopy with horse riding for example, followed by a typical Chilean bbq if you can get a small group together.

Rafting plus hot springs is a great way to end your stay, and is always a great option the day after your volcano ascent to soothe your aching limbs before the next part of your journey.

As for accommodation, the cozy bedding, indulgent mattresses and the home made breakfast at Lake Lodge combine to offer the most relaxing home from home stay. Also, take some time to discover the foodie options in town before returning to the sunset from your bedroom window over Lake Villarrica. From sushi to Bavarian style; Peruvian to seafood, and pizza to great steak, you will find something that tempts you to put your feet up, thrown back another beer and reminisce on your time in Chile.

For advice on how to get here, where to reserve your activities, and of course for accommodation confirmations, get in touch with Lake Lodge today and enjoy Pucón as it should be enjoyed – in stylish simplicity and unassuming comfort overlooking Lake Villarrica.

For more information on ATTA visit the official website here.

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