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How to choose a hotel in Pucón

Google thinks you will be bored by the time you reach the end of this sentence.

Anyone creating content and posting online in 2016 must think outside of the box to keep you readers engaged. It is simply astounding how much information is available online in real time. It seems impossible that Google doesn’t have an answer to your search query; in fact they usually have pages of options available. The new voice recognition feature on the standard Google search box means you don’t even have to type anymore! With more than 3 billion queries (1) entered into Google a day, yes, a day!, there is no doubt that we live in an era of communication overload. More than half of those searches are entered from a cel phone. And that figure doesn’t include tablets.

How is this relevant to the title of this blog you may ask?

Travel trends have always been subject to change. The internet has been a major part of how. When it was already being used in countries that accessed technology first and fastest, like the US and Europe, it didn’t arrive here to South America for quite some time. This wasn’t because communication companies couldn’t make it happen, it was more that the cost of a PC, a laptop or a smartphone (unthinkable at that time) were so astronomical that people, businesses and of course, hotels, were still working with phones, faxes and files to confirm reservations. There was definitely no option for payment online.

Now everyone who is anyone has a webpage, and if you are a hotel and you are not listed on Trip Advisor or you quite simply don’t really exist (at least not online!). Same with Facebook pages. If you search for accommodation in Pucón on Trip Advisor you find 232 results. On, 180.

How do you choose from all of those options? Of course these sites have super clever filters that allow you to choose your ideal type of accommodation (hotel, B&B/Posada, cabaña), price range and number of people. That reduces your options, as do your dates of stay too. But what really packs a punch are guest comments and the ratings they give you. That is how unique places really get to stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, behind all the technology, the key to success is human and not a computer. If the experience of others was under par it will be reflected in the rating allotted to the hotel. If it is consistently exceptional, you will definitely find out from reading the reviews of satisfied guests.

So, you find your chosen hotel, then you have to work out how to book. Many people do opt for the instant confirmation offered by sites such as, while other people shy away, tired of impersonal automated responses, and seek something a little more human. It may take a few hours to receive your response because real people, unlike online booking systems, do actually sleep. However, many agree that overall satisfaction and confidence in your choice is nurtured by that one on one contact. There may even be something extra for those who choose to book direct.

Lake Lodge was created to offer relaxation and disconnection. Inserted into nature in a bid to get you outside and off one of the many screens we all constantly stare at. Your choice will be über validated when you are soaking up the joy of that 280° view of Lake Villarrica from the roof terrace, while sipping a perfect Pisco Sour in the knowledge that your bread for tomorrow’s breakfast is baking below.

For more information, availability and reservations click here.

Happy travel planning!


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