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Why choose Lake Lodge hotel in Pucón this July?

Having witnessed how Lake Lodge was conceived with such care and lovingly brought into existence by the hands of the owners it is impossible to resist sharing with you why Lake Lodge hotel in Pucón will top your best accommodation list ever!

First of all let’s go back to your dilemma. You are looking for somewhere to stay in Pucón. With such a huge choice of hotels, cabins and lodges available in and around town (there are over 150 listed on the main websites such as Booking, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Expedia!), this is not such an easy task!

Time to answer some questions to create a shortlist :

  • Are you a family who prefers a traditional style self-catering cabaña (cabin) where you can prepare your own meals on your own time?

  • Do you have your own car, or a hire car, so do not necessarily need somewhere close to the center?

  • Are you a couple looking for a romantic getaway?

  • Do you want to be close to the restaurants and bars so you can have a drink and not worry about finding your way back to your room?

  • Are you looking for a place with a pool and views that maximize your enjoyment of the time in your chosen destination Pucón?

This is of course not a definitive list. The answers all depend on your personal requirements and then are also determined by your experience to date and of course, your budget.

Lake Lodge ticks all the boxes to the above questions and confidently offers the best home from home experience. Read on for our reasons why you should choose our hotel in Pucón this July :

#1. The views, the views, the views…. they are simply delightful! Those sunsets you can enjoy from the harbor in town will be available to you every evening from your very own private terrace, and from the roof terrace of the hotel itself. Comfortable chairs and fine wine just make this experience even more perfect!

#2. Exquisite beds with toasty warm duvets. The beds in each of the four rooms are graced with thick soft duvets that will make it impossible to get up in the morning. The combination of the amazingly comfortable mattresses, bedlinen and the views over the lake from your own window was created with long lazy lie-ins in mind!

#3. Homemade breakfast designed to linger over! This is the perfect reason to get out of that ultra divine bed! The bread is made in house, the fruit juice will be freshly squeezed when you arrive into the dining room, the hams are all sourced locally and the jams are just perfect on that bread. This reason doesn’t need any more explanation. Oh, just that also the lake views grace the panoramic windows of the dining room too...

#4. Self-catering apartments with the luxury of included breakfast. The two apartments have fully equipped kitchenettes and are perfect if you like to prepare meals for kids or for yourselves. Sleeping two adults plus two kids up to age 16, or three adults in the double bed plus sofa bed combo, these two apartments are the perfect alternative to a traditional Pucón cabaña.

#5. Personalized touches. The artwork that adorns the walls of the shared spaces and the rooms themselves is painted onsite by the owner and is also for sale. A perfect souvenir from your Lake Lodge stay! For a pre-glimpse take a look at the owners painting website here.

#6. Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. It is there if you need it, but of course if you also choose to ignore it then no one will insist that you browse the web instead of breathing in the serenity offered by the relaxing lake views!

#7. Proximity to town yet the feeling of being inserted right into nature. Lake Lodge is just over 3 km from the center of town on the road to the volcano. You are perfectly located for getting to the bars and restaurants within a few minutes by car or taxi. Or of course you can just stay put and forget that there is even a town close by!

#8. Decent pricing. The cost per night per room is perfectly acceptable for those looking for a personalized experience with all the comforts of being at home. The value added of being made to feel like you are the only guests to have ever visited the lodge definitely tops the travel trends of today!

#9. Noise levels will depend on how loud the birds sing in the morning! With just 4 rooms you will hear the occasional barking dog, the wind among the trees in the hotel grounds, and the bird song, (sometimes this is more of a rather endearing squawk from those Southern Lapwings!), rather than the shouts of someone else’s kids and the discussion about who will be driving home from the guests in the room next door!

#10. Stylish furnishings that make you want to reach out and touch them. Some of the items have been shipped from Europe; the rest has been designed to measure and handmade locally in the region. Regardless, the pieces instill in you that desire to reach out and touch them in a way that creates a palpable connection with the lodge and all that it is.

The reviews and comments that you can browse through online here and here repeatedly mention the attention to detail of the Lake Lodge owners. This is something that is increasingly difficult to find at hotels and lodges nowadays. Maybe you don’t miss it simply because it is something you have never experienced. Being made to feel special is something that we all love, it makes us feel wanted. It is a little bit like when someone tells you you look great. You shine just that little bit more from inside; you can’t help smiling and you even feel like you stand up that little bit straighter for the rest of the day. That is what you will experience at Lake Lodge. Without the need to explain this intangible value added anymore, book in today for your Pucón hotel experience that will set the bar for anywhere you visit in the future!

For July reservations and more information on activity options in and around Pucón, contact Lake Lodge here today.

We look forward to welcoming you at our winter paradise lodge!

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