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Double international award recognition for Chile

A fantastic way to spread the word that Chile is a perfect holiday destination is by winning awards. And Chile has just done that twice over! The first award has a truly global reach : voted Best Adventure Tourism Destination on the planet by the World Travel Awards for the second year running. This is huge!

There is such fierce competition out there for adventure tourism destinations : famed New Zealand where adventure is found at every turn; vast Canada where you can do every activity imaginable; and of course our neighboring Argentina which shares so much of our Patagonian lands. But no, Chile beat them all hands down to come out top proving that there really is nothing that you cannot do here on this thin piece of land between the Pacific ocean and the towering Andes.

Pucón has always been a favorite destination for adventurers…. The list of what you can spend your time doing in the city just goes on and on and on…. canyoning, canopy, white water rafting, horse riding, hydrospeed, kayaking, ducky, canoeing, driftboat descents, fly fishing, climbing, trekking, volcanic cave visits, hot springs, and of course ascents to the crater of live volcanoes!

No trip would be complete without an extended stay in Pucón so get in touch here today to find out more.

The second award was recently won by Chile.Travel for the quality of the official webpage of the country. Chile.Travel are in charge of generating interest and coverage of Chile as a destination at international level. They work in conjunction with Sernatur (the National Tourism Board) to produce high tech marketing visuals, geographically targeted campaigns, representation in international travel fairs and get-to-know Chile road shows are among many other actions all directed at raising awareness of what Chile has to offer to the international tourist. You can see the webpage here at this link.

Launched in 5 languages the interactive interface generates a dialogue with the interested tourist allowing for trip planning and information gathering. It is a true guidebook on your screen! You can find ideas for activities across the country, work out how to get from A to B and browse the directory for accommodation options. Do bear in mind that the listed hotels and cabañas are only those who have been granted Quality or Sustainability certifications. Until the process is completed other options are not listed and given that the certification takes quite a long time the lists in some destinations may not seem too long right now.

The award has been received shortly after the launch of the revised Chile.Travel site and places the webpage among the top 25 sites in Latin America. The selection of winners was decided by Skift, the major tourism industry intelligence platform, dedicated to providing resources and sharing trending travel news. The winners were all chosen according to criteria such as design, ease of navigation and visual effects. Chile.Travel won the category for Best Tourism Site in Latin America due to the design that anticipates the next step of the web visitor facilitating a seamless interactive experience.

This great news not only places the country as a destination at the top of the list, especially in conjunction with the Best Adventure Tourism Destination award, but it also indicates that Chile employs advanced technological knowledge to encourage visitors to visit. In terms of web presence, today Chile joins other award winners such as Colombia, New York, California, Canada, Finland, Norway and London, allowing for a clear and strong message to be shared with the world via its web presence.

With more than 70% of travel decision making taking place online this award is great news for tourism and a fantastic way to share the image and travel options of Chile across the world.

We look forward to you joining many others who have already chosen to vacation in our corner of the world!

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