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A March Escape to Pucón – How to Make the Best of a 3 Night Stay

We just love March in Pucón! The weather is usually still great, the crowds have dissipated, the traffic jams are forgotten and probably best of all, hotel prices drop significantly!

As we have previously lauded, Pucón offers an impressive number of activities for you to maximize your time during your stay. However, you can easily lose half a day just trying to work out what to do!

First of all have a think about what you really enjoy doing, or better still, what you would like to challenge yourself to do! Next take a look at our run down on how to maximize the enjoyment of a 3 night stay at Lake Lodge!

DAY 1:

AM: Take an early flight from Santiago to Temuco, hire a car at the airport (pre-booking online helps save time), drive 1hr approx. to Villarrica and stop for lunch overlooking Lake Villarrica. Take advantage to stretch your legs and walk the 3km length of the “Costanera” – the path that runs alongside the main beach of the lake. Drive the remaining 30km arriving to Lake Lodge in perfect time for the early afternoon check in.

PM: After enjoying endless vistas of Lake Villarrica from your private balcony at Lake Lodge, head into town to check out the center. You can park right by La Poza – the main harbor in town, and walk from there to the main beach (Playa Grande), the main square and along back the main street checking out the artisan markets and street side cafés along the way.

Make time for a delicious ice-cream, or even a full “onces” (tea, coffee, cake, toast, conserves, local cheeses and cold cuts), then head back towards your car to watch the sun begin to drop over the lake at La Poza. Alternatively, you can also choose to head straight back to Lake Lodge to watch the sunset over the lake from the roof terrace of the hotel. And of course that will be accompanied by a perfect home-made Pisco Sour!

DAY 2:

You have some choices here depending on how adventurous you are!

Option 1 is the full day ascent of Villarrica volcano. It is definitely not a walk in the park and you do need to have a certain level of fitness, but it is also mind over matter. If you decide on this option then you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Option 2 is a self-drive around the local area with a stop at the Ojos de Caburgua waterfalls just outside town, before a wander along the white sandy beach at Caburgua, and maybe a stop at Huerquehue National Park to hike up the lower section to the waterfalls close to the base.

DAY 3:

Again, today very much depends on whether you fancy getting wet or not!

Option 1 is a half day white water rafting experience on the local river. The rapids will bring some thrills but under the watchful eye of the seasoned guides you will return to dry land safely. If you really want to pack in as much as possible you can also add on a three hour horse ride after lunch too!

Option 2 is a visit to the local hot springs which can take as little or as long as you like! That really depends on how much time you can physically spend relaxing in natural thermal waters with views over the araucaria forest coated valley. A ¾ day is recommended combining your time spent relaxing in the waters with some local cuisine for lunch!

DAY 4:

A very long late lazy breakfast overlooking the lake while reminiscing about your Pucón, and of course, your Lake Lodge experience!

So there we go! Pucón offers something for everyone. Tempting as it may be to linger in the comfort of your bed at Lake Lodge with its lake view and private balcony, we do recommend getting out and about to see what the area has to offer. It also means that, when you return back exhausted from your day of adventure, that lazy Pisco Sour of glass of fine red, plus the large bath tub and comfy bed, will be all the more well deserved!

We look forward to welcoming you at Lake Lodge this summer so you can share this view with us!

Get in touch today here as March bookings are looking great so far!

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