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The Perfect Season for Hot Springs in Pucón

As the weather changes giving way to cooler days where you feel more like spending time by an open fire, this is the perfect time to remind you of the many hot spring resorts close to Pucón!

With one of the most active volcanoes in the Andes just 20 km from the town, Pucón has such a huge amount of geothermic activity that the number of hot spring pools available to visit are way into double figures!

This whole area embraces a UNESCO biosphere reserve and is just teaming with activities and generally fun things to do. What better at the end of a jam packed adventure day (or even just a relaxing vacation day!) than to laze in some perfectly relaxing mineral laden hot water!?

Chile is part of the (in)famous Pacific Ring of Fire meaning that there is quite a lot of tectonic movement down there hence the quakes we feel from time to time. The crashing and grating of these tectonic plates pushed the Andes into existence many many years ago. The liquid rock that forms part of the inner mantle of the Earth seeps into the crevasses of the mountains filling up cavities and creating magma lakes. These magma filled mountains become volcanoes which erupt the molten rock which, when above ground, becomes known as lava.

So, geology lesson almost over, the underground waters in our area come into contact with these vast quantities of magma below the surface, giving rise to naturally heated pools. Because heated water can hold more solids, the mineral content of this water is high. The hot springs in the south of Chile are mainly sulfated, but also contain high quantities of CO2, calcium and magnesium among other beneficial minerals.

The physical benefits of a soak in hot mineral rich water include better blood circulation and oxygenation, stimulus for the immune system, increased endorphin production and regulated glandular function. With mental and physical relaxation promoting an inner peace of mind, there are simply no decent excuses for not getting out there to soak your limbs today!

From rustic pools to much higher end resorts offering massages and restaurant facilities too, there is something for everyone. Check out our previous blog here detailing our favourite options in and around town.

Happy soaking! We look forward to welcoming you at Lake Lodge. Get in touch today here.

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