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Get prepared for the Winter Season in Pucón

As ever, Lake Lodge will re-open for the July winter season this year and is offering a great discount for Early Bird bookers!

With just a click here to send the dates of your vacation, shortly afterwards you will receive your personalised quote and very soon your stay at Lake Lodge will be organised! That leaves you to work out what you would like to do during your time in Pucón! Read on to find out what we recommend. Prepare to be tempted!

First of all, we fully recommend lingering! Lingering in bed after waking up wrapped in a warm soft duvet. Lingering over the view of Villarrica Lake from your own private terrace. Lingering over the fresh bread and divine coffee at breakfast. It doesn’t actually matter if it takes you all morning to actually get up and get out and about in Pucón. Vacations are all about taking your time and enjoying your break!

Once you are up and dressed in layers, heading out into the clean crisp winter air can be slightly bracing. As that first breath hits your lungs you will gasp but will then rejoice in that winter freshness as it envelopes and cools your cheeks.

For most people on their first visit to Pucón the obvious stop is downtown. There are many shops and cafés to check out but if you head there first you might never leave. We suggest you head out to one of the national parks, El Cañi reserve just outside town for example. Or maybe even just to the base of Villarrica volcano where you can do a short walk to the parasitic craters (los cráteres parásitos).

Whatever you choose to do during the day, the perfect choice before heading back to Lake Lodge is to spend some time at one of the local hot spring resorts. Yes it will be cold after you have changed and before you are in the water. But we guarantee it will be worth it. With your muscles massaged by the waters and your mind cleansed by the quiet and the views you head back to town in search of food.

Pebre (a delicious mix of fresh tomato, cilantro, onion and olive oil), served with home baked bread before a succulent beef steak and a bottle of red wine is the magical end to your day. On returning to Lake Lodge you might just have space for another glass of fine red as the sun sets over Lake Villarrica. Your soft duvet awaits as well as another adventure day in our perfect destination, Pucón.

Take advantage of the Early Bird discounts for stays in July. Contact Lake Lodge today here to reserve now for your idyllic winter break! We look forward to welcoming you soon! Get in touch today here.

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