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Café Culture in Pucón

Café culture has grown a lot over the past few years in Chile in general. Maybe it is influenced by our neighbouring Argentines, who have always appreciated a chat over a delicious roasted grain espresso. It could also have something to do with a growing cultural awareness among Chileans themselves that Nescafé is great when you need a quick fix, but there are many, (many!) better options available. It could also be simply in response to growing demand from travelers who have long enjoyed kicking back to reminisce on their latest experience over a delicate roast grain coffee!

As a result, Pucón has a fair share of great cafés where you can while away time and also enjoy fabulous views of the imposing, and omnipresent, Villarrica volcano.

In town there are the classic options of Café de la P, Cassis, La Suiza and Trawen, and also newer options such as Café Berlin, Kuchenladen and Café Luthier. Out of town you can also enjoy fine coffee on the volcano road at El Castillo Campo Base, and en route to the hot springs area of town too at la Fleur de Sel restaurant at the Peumayen hot springs.

Here are our top tips for what to enjoy at each one (list is in no particular order):

Café de la P, corner of O’Higgins and Lincoyan

The homemade biscuits are always a hit, as is their Irish Coffee! Just make sure you don’t start out too early with that one!

Cassis, corner of Fresia and Alderete

The variety of homemade chocolates and great array of ice-cream flavours will dazzle you!

Café Berlin, Miguel Ansorena 160

Their “Spritzkuchen” comes highly recommended. Try it for yourself to find out why! If you like modern style café you will love Café Berlin!

Kuchenladen, Fresia 248

The blueberry and raspberry kuchens, and their apple strudel are best sellers!

Café Luthier, Palguin 598-A

Located close to the bus terminals on Calle Palguin, Café Luthier is a great place to stop off for a well prepared ground coffee while waiting for your bus out of town!

Trawen, corner of O’Higgins and Fresia

An excellent option to start with a fresh coffee and end up with a local artisanal beer! The pavement café section has a great view of Villarrica volcano.

La Suiza, O’Higgins 116

Excellent range of ice creams and kuchens, but their Victoria Sponge is exquisite!

Patagonia Roast Coffee, Patagonia Boulevard, end of O’Higgins with Colo Colo

Just their coffee, coffee and more coffee! This is the place to try out their different favours and buy some to take away with you! Specialists taking coffee production in Chile to another level!

La Fleur de Sel, Termas Peumayen, Road from Pucón to Huife at Km 28

If you have overdone it in town with the kuchens and ice cream, let La Fleur de Sel knock your socks off with their unimaginably amazing onion soup, followed by a rich freshly ground coffee of course!

El Castillo Campo Base, Km 8 on to base of Villarrica volcano

Their hot chocolate and fresh coffees are divine, as are their herbal teas served in English style tea pots. Add a hot homemade brownie with vanilla ice-cream to your order for a real treat!

There you go! Many options to enjoy great coffees with stunning views in Pucón! Of course, at any time during your stay at Lake Lodge you can order a freshly brewed roast coffee to enjoy on your own private terrace overlooking Lake Villarrica. It is after all the best way to wake up and forms an integral part of the included breakfast served to all guests too.

We look forward to welcoming you at Lake Lodge where you will enjoy home from home comforts!

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