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Need an extra reason to visit Pucón in September for Independence Day!? Patagonia Avalancha en el Vo

Pucón is an amazing place to visit all year round but September gives you an extra special reason to stop by. It is not just that the choripanes and empanadas with pebre essential for Independence Day celebrations taste so much better with a volcano view! The other reason is to watch an unusual mountain event, or better still you can choose to participate in the one and only Avalancha en el Volcán!

The seventh version of the Patagonia Avalancha en el Volcán will take place this year between 12 & 18 September and inscriptions are now open! (Please note the exact date of the event depends on the weather conditions and will be confirmed closer to the time).

Participants summit the 2847m peak with all their gear on their backs, and they then descend as fast as possible on any route that looks like a good option to them! Immense fun, definitely as a competitor, but as a spectator too!

This international freeride can only be compared by the traditional Italian Caponi Dell'Etna race and unites skiers and snowboarders from Chile and across the world. There is no specific prepared piste, each competitor chooses the route they like the look of the most. Each participant leaves the start post at one minute intervals to hurtle themselves down the mountain in order to cover the space between the crater and the ski cafeteria in the fastest time possible!

The backdrop over the Andes and the surrounding virgin forests is simply spectacular and offers the perfect conditions for mountain sport photography. Your skills will be challenged to capture a downhill skier or snowboarder as they descend surprisingly fast! Ultimately the race concept is simple: move fast and move safely.

Despite sounding like a crazy thing to do, the day is strictly organised and the various descent route options are monitored at all times. All participants ascend with qualified mountain guides who frequently take clients to the crater of the volcano. Each participant must carry their own safety equipment which will be checked on the day of the event by the organisers. Of course first aid and safety crews will be on the volcano at all times but as with all mountain sports, the decision to participate and assume all risks lie with each competitor.

For 2017 there are 80 places available only via prior inscription on the official welpage here, places for the mini avalancha competitors (11 to 17 years old).

In addition, the night before the race a base camp will be set up so competitors can overnight allowing for an evening of relax and fun where you can meet your guides and exchange your passion for the white stuff with other participants. For more information check out the Avalancha en el Volcán Facebook page here.

If you are intrigued by this live volcano but can’t make the event, you can of course attempt your own full day Villarrica volcano ascent with a qualified guide on hand to make sure you stay safe throughout the whole day.

We hope to see you in Pucón soon!

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