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Short Walks from Pucón – Our Top 3!

Pucón is indeed the Adventure Capital of southern Chile, but not everyone is into full day mountain treks and adrenaline-fueled river activities. Many visitors to our idyllic Alpine town just want to wander! If you are looking for places to walk to from the center of Pucón, look no further.

Here are our top 3 tips for getting out of Pucón on foot, allowing you to marvel at the amazing location of the town and breathe in the fresh clear air.

#1. A short wander up to the monastery

The diminutive Monasterio Santa Clara is tucked away above the town. Just a short walk from the centre, the beautiful white stone building reveals a privileged view over Pucón and Lake Villarrica. Starting out from the far south end of Calle Ansorena the entrance path twists and turns through dappled sunlight. Despite the proximity to the town, the silence is encompassing, and you will be surprised when you reach the main courtyard and the view opens up before and below you. There is a small shop to the side of the church where chocolates, cookies and other treats made by the Capuchin nuns can be found for sale. Mass takes place Mon-Sat at 7.15am and at 3pm on a Sunday.

Recommendation: a camera, water and time to enjoy this view from the courtyard

#2. A beach meander (and maybe a swim) towards the mouth of the Trancura river

Escape the summer crowds on the main beach in Pucón and head out as far as you can towards the mouth of the Trancura river. Walking along the lake edge on the black volcanic sand is a great challenge for your thigh and calf muscles! However, you will be rewarded by the silence and the vast sensation of space once you pass the last of the private houses overlooking the beach. You cannot actually reach the point where the river joins the lake on foot, but the general idea is to get you walking away from the crowds so you can enjoy the backdrops of mountains that surround the clear waters of the lake. A camera is a must!

Recommendation: a good camera, water, swimmers and a towel

#3. A longer walk out to the old Quelhue hanging bridge

This is a lovely alternative for those who don't mind following the road for a while before heading towards the bridge. Take the main international highway out of Pucón towards Caburgua and Huerquehue National park. You can (carefully) walk along the bicycle track but be prepared to hop to one side at regular intervals! You will pass the supermarkets as you leave town, then the Tur Bus station and then you carry on for almost two kilometers until you see the sign for the airport on your left hand side. Take that unpaved road for around another km until you spot the new traffic bridge crossing the Trancura river. The old Quelhue hanging bridge at the side is a vestige to the old Pucón, and invites you to hang out for while taking in the waters of river and looking out for ring necked kingfishers flitting in and out of the shade in their search for food.

Recommendation: camera, snacks, water and wear good shoes.

The walk from Lake Lodge itself to downtown Pucón is accessible to all. Just 3,3 km from the main square, you can go via La Poza, Pucón’s beautiful harbor dotted with boats and jet skis and frequented by many aquatic bird species. Take some water, decent shoes and of course your camera, and allow yourself time to rest and enjoy without having to pay for a full day excursion. That roof top Pisco Sour overlooking Lake Villarrica once you arrive back to Lake Lodge will be much more deserved when you have walked back from town!

We hope to welcome you to Lake Lodge in Pucón soon!

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