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Behind the scenes at Lake Lodge Hotel, Pucón

It is the attention to detail at Lake Lodge that set the hotel apart from the rest. You can see the thought that went into the concept development in every corner of the hotel and the private park.

From the homemade bread for breakfast to the unique artwork in the rooms, Lake Lodge offers a hotel experience with a personal touch.

That touch comes from Guy, the owner of the property.

A Belgium national who fell in love with the panoramic 270 degree vistas over the lake from the location of what is now Lake Lodge. Once the property was purchased Guy began designing the “house” and oversaw every detail of the construction himself. Lake Lodge is indeed more like a house than a hotel, yet the two double rooms and the two apartments are private and quiet.

The reviews and comments that guests at Lake Lodge post online are nothing short of inspirational.

The accolades are many and the superlatives flow!

What does it take to create such a perfectly serene hotel experience in Pucón? Time, passion and an eye for design. That is definitely what Guy has. The paintings that adorn the walls in the breakfast room and the rooms themselves are all unique and hand painted by Guy. Inspired by nature, realistic wildlife painting is his specialty, with unusual twists. Most paintings incorporate liquor bottles where animals appear from the neck, or are wrapped around the base, or inserted in the bottle itself to view the world from inside.

Working with raw linen or cotton, the paintings draw you in to observe the detail and ponder over the thought behind the brush strokes. Some paintings incorporate plexiglass allowing a 3D effect with the animal on a foreground panel and elements of his environment in a background.

Your stay at Lake Lodge is not just a stay at a hotel and shouldn’t be seen as just a place to sleep. The overall concept has created a unique accommodation experience that should be savored. Don’t fill your time too full with activities when you come to Lake Lodge. Make time for a day to just be, to enjoy that incredible panoramic lake view from the roof terrace, to savor the handmade biscuits and to linger over the recently baked bread over breakfast.

Without doubt Lake Lodge challenges the norm and sets the standard that others can only hope to aspire to. Experience Lake Lodge for yourself this summer. For availability and reservations click here.

We hope to welcome you to Lake Lodge in Pucón soon!

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