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What to do when it rains in Pucón?

Snow season is upon us down here at the end of the world, and that means we have plenty of those stunningly beautiful crisp blue-sky winter days when you can take the to the pistes or head off to the national parks to hike to the frozen lakes. However, of course we do have some of those wet, grey days that come hand in hand with this season.

So, what choices are there in Pucón when it rains?

Here goes our run down of options so that you maximise your enjoyment of your winter break, despite the weather!

#1. Hot springs! Without a doubt this is the most perfect activity for a cold and wet weather day. It simply doesn’t matter. Imagine lying in deliciously hot water while the rain, sleet and snow fall all around. It is magical, relaxing and a perfect use of a rainy day all in one. Who wants to sit in hot water when the sun is shining anyway!?

Depending on personal preference, choose your hot spring option with care. The most rustic option will have you shivering as you hop from pool to pool, but the feeling of delight is just intensified when you get in. Other options have indoor changing areas that lead straight into covered over pools where the temperature inside is positively tropical. Some have massage facilities and treatment rooms, other have restaurants or cafés. Check back here at a previous blog for more detail on the options available.

#2. Hot chocolate! Pucón has a great coffee culture and the many cafés offer some delicious hot chocolate delights. Some even used locally made chocolate which comes in sticks that you use to stir the hot milk and watch as the chocolate melts. Simply heavenly!

#3. Swimming! You can visit Hotel Antumalal or Enjoy Park Lake and use their spa facilities for a daily rate. Both have heated pools offering a relaxing escape from the wet weather. Don’t just turn up though, prior reservations only.

#4. Shopping! Grab an umbrella and hop between markets, handicraft stalls and larger stores. From outdoor clothing and ski gear, to jewelry and wooden items, Pucón has is all. Not to be missed is the large wooden flower market at the entrance to the town! It is worth the walk in the rain to fill your day with flower power colours!

#5. Rafting! Yes, you will get cold hand and feet, but you will already be wet from the rain, so why not get even wetter! Not for the fainthearted and definitely an option for the more adventurous only, but you will feel extremely outdoorsy when you are reflecting on your white-water day over a beer later on in the evening!

#6. Chilean barbecue with friends! Get a group together and head up to the fabulous country ranch just outside town belonging to the owner of Sol y Nieve Travel Adventure. Willie and his team are famous for hosting groups with endless meat, salad buffet, local beers and wines. The stories will flow and memories will be made. Reservations can be made here.

#7. Make the absolute most of your comfortable warm room at Lake Lodge! Have a long and late breakfast, wrap up in the chair by the large windows in your room and drink in the panoramic lake view. Read a book, take a walk in the gardens in-between showers, snack a little and enjoy a bottle of fine red while the sun sets over the lake. Holidays are about spoiling yourself and switching off. Lake Lodge offers the perfect opportunity to do just that.

There you go! Pucón is a fun place to be all year round regardless of weather, and when the sun finally shines through you will appreciate it just that little bit more.

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