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Looking for some help with choosing a hotel in Pucón, Chile?

There are currently 812 accommodation options listed on for Pucón! This is an enormous amount given the relatively small size of the town. But it is also testament to what a great all-year round destination Pucón is and just how much there is on offer to do here!

However, on first glimpse the variety of options available can seem just too much. How do you choose from the many many cabañas, hotels, hostels and lodges on offer?

To make this an easier process, check out our tips here based on a few essential questions:

#1. Size of your travel group? This will immediately define if you need a hotel room for two, a larger self-catered apartment or a cabaña for more. It is usually the first filter style question you come across on most websites. Pucón has many cabaña style resorts that focus on the summer season only so you will find many of these available between November and April.

Insider info: Mornings and evenings here in the south can, at times, be fresh even during the summer months so if this is important to you then do check on heating options. Most hotels have good heating but not all cabañas do!

#2. Will you be travelling by car or intend to rent a car? If you plan on travelling with a car this does extend your options as you can stay out of town and still move freely without relying on transfers or taxis.

Insider info: Parking spots in central Pucón can be hard to find during the summer months so get into town early to secure your spot.

#3. Do you have small kids?

A handful of places don’t take kids in Pucón but most do. Some of the larger cabaña resorts are set up with kids play areas and have green spaces where they can get rid of some of that energy!

Insider info: It is fairly normal that kids stay free up to a certain age (between 3 and 6 years) if they don’t require an extra bed, but if you do, even for a child under the “free” age bracket, there will probably be an additional fee.

#4. Are you looking for a hotel to beach style holiday or more active, adventure-filled days?

This doesn’t really influence so much on the type of accommodation you choose as you can fill your days with whatever you like regardless of your lodging, but some locations are closer to the beach while others require that you drive in.

Insider info: If you are interested in adventure activities do contact your chosen hotel/cabañas in advance as they may have a link with one of the local agencies and can maybe get you a better deal.

#5. How important is it to you to be able to walk to restaurants from your hotel?

Pucón has many accommodation options in the center of town which means you can walk out of your door and find restaurants at every corner. The downside is that parking can be hard if the hotel doesn’t have its own, and some places can be noisy until fairly late in mid-summer.

Insider info: Taxis are easy to get and fairly cheap so staying anywhere within 3-5 km from the center is a good option if you prefer a bit more tranquility.

#6. Do you want to have breakfast included or want to be able to cook your own meals?

Most hotels include breakfast, but cabañas usually don’t, or they charge an additional price per person if you book in advance. Some hotels have self-catering options onsite with small functional kitchenettes that serve their purpose for simple food preparation.

Insider info: Breakfast is usually served between 7.30 and 10.30 so if you plan on lazy long morning lie ins maybe your best option is to go for something self-catered where you can prepare your own breakfast at whatever time you choose!

#7. Do you want an onsite pool?

This is a perfect additional alternative, especially if you have kids. The black sand beach in Pucón is fantastic but can get very busy in the summer so having the choice could turn out to be crucial.

Insider info: If water temperature is important to you then do check when booking if the pool is heated as cool nights, even in summer, means the water can take a fair while to heat up naturally during the day!

Every couple/family has their own “must haves”. Defining what “value added” means is highly subjective because it of course depends on what you truly, well, value! Is it that stunning view over the lake that is worth paying more for to you, or is a stocked mini bar essential? Do you want to be able to walk home from the late-night bars or do you prefer to be out of town and away from the hustle and bustle? Do you really need Wifi or do you want to completely disconnect?

By answering these questions honestly, you can find something that fits your needs as Pucón really does have everything!

We are of course biased in heralding Lake Lodge as the perfect option, and so do our clients!

93% of our customers rate Lake Lodge as “Excellent” on Trip Advisor, and the other 7% as “Very Good”. Knowing how easy it is today to criticise even the smallest thing, we are pretty proud of these ratings!

The location seems to breathe the concept of space. The double rooms and apartments are airy and private. The furniture is stylish; the decor relaxing; the comfort unassuming. Dotingly turned into a modern classic that looks as if it has always been there, Lake Lodge has turned heads and received flawless accolades since it opened its doors three and a half years ago.

Simple touches such as one-off art pieces, a classical dresser from Europe, the infinity pool stretching out towards the waters of the lake are what turn this hotel into a unique experience. The lazy homemade breakfast is a perfect way to start your day, followed by quiet time on your private terrace. A great coffee, a dip in the pool and sunset over the lake are all you need to while away a late afternoon. A true haven of calm, with simple yet elegant lines, a manicured garden, roof top terrace and a perfect 270° view over Lake Villarrica. The best option is simply to experience it for yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you at Lake Lodge! Contact us here for our rooms rates and to make a reservation.

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