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Shopping in Pucón !

October is one of those months where the sun might shine or the rains might fall. You can even have four seasons in one day. You might associate Pucón with outdoor activities and adventure excursions, and of course you are right! But that is not the only thing going for the city ... small as it is, Pucón has a surprisingly wide range of shops available.

So, if you are not that into the outdoor life, or you are with someone who has headed out for the mountains and left you back in town, or if the rain has cancelled your plans, here is our low down on where to spend a great day wandering around the town and choosing gifts, clothes and souvenirs from your trip :

Please note this list is by no means exhaustive, there are many small shops along the route that will entice you in too...

As we all know, a window shopping / store cruising day must start with some positive energy to get you through! We recommend drawing some of that energy by starting at La Poza (#1). This is the harbor for boats at the end of the main street, and is also home to various species of bird life.

Before mid-morning there are few people around (unless they too are preparing themselves for a hard day of shopping!), so spend some time there taking in the views over the lake and breathing the clean fresh air before heading to your first shopping spot. Do bear in mind that stores do not tend to open before 10am so factor that into your planning.

#1a & #1b. Pucón is famous for the flower market that you will see as you arrive into town. What many people do not know, or do not believe until they go there themselves to check it our personally, is that the flowers are all made from wood shavings. They are crafted and painted and made to look like real flowers. They can be packed easily in a box so they survive the journey home. A perfect souvenir of your trip.

#2 & #3. Crossing the street you can check out the clothing stores Rockford and The North Face for winter gear, and if you have forgotten any essentials you can always pick them up in the small Falabella store at point #4.

#5. Over the street there is a gallery with small stalls inside selling a range of goods from bikinis and swim shorts to wooly hats and gloves. Interestingly, and despite it being winter, you may need all of these items if you plan to visit one of the local hot springs resorts during your stay in Pucón.

#6. Homemade jams and chocolates and other yummy goodies are up next at the small store to you right before arriving to the corner of Fresia with the main street Bernardo O'Higgins.

#7. Just around the corner is a large shop selling some quite unique pieces of house furniture such as lamps, tables, chests of drawers. Not the kind of thing you may be considering buying during your stay in Pucón, but you could find just that right addition to your kitchen or dining room among the smaller items in the store.

#8. Moving on towards the center of town you will find the first of a few t-shirt and hoodie stores selling colorful options in all sizes with "Pucón" and the obligatory volcano sketch printed in the front. They also have cheap and cheerful sunglasses options too if you have been caught out by our crisp winter sunny southern days!

#9. Some lovely handmade jewelry is up next at a small store tucked between an exchange house and a parking lot. They offer some beautiful silver and wooden items incorporating traditional Mapuche symbols too.

#10. No town is complete without a book store and Pucón is no exception. Right on the corner is a large store offering books galore in Spanish and in English. You can pick up travel guides here too, and don't forget to check out the great souvenir coffee table style books of stunning images of our region and further afield.

#11. If you are looking for a map of the local area do stop at the narrow store just a couple of steps up the street towards the volcano. A great selection of local, regional and national maps for trekking, road trips and lake crossings into neighboring Argentina are readily available.

#12. Next up is a wonderful local market selling cheeses, woolen goods, wooden games, toys and kitchen items. Take your time to visit all the stalls and if you see something you like buy it there and then. It is not as easy as you might think to find the same stall when you return....

#13. If you need to stock up on any remedies or have picked up a cold during your travels, call into Pucón's natural pharmacy on Calle Brasil... they also sell local soaps and other handmade goods too.

#14. Right on the corner of the main street at the end of town is Patagonia Boulevard. Home to a range of shops selling roast coffee beans, fresh bread and outdoor clothing, for sure there will be something there that catches your eye.

#15. Over the road and to the right is the entrance to a fairly new artisan boulevard filled with stall after stall of locally crafted items. Well worth a stroll....Way back along the main street you will pass #16, the Eltit supermarket. There are actually 3 Eltit's in town but this one on the main street is the original one and is still popular with locals and tourists alike.

Heading up Calle Fresia you will pass a shoe shop (#17) before reaching some small stores selling handmade leather and jewelry items (#18). This street will take you right up to Pucón's main square where of course you will find more stalls selling wool, wood and jewelry too.

After spending some time at the main square and also at the Playa Grande (large beach), head back down the other side of Calle Fresia to another handicraft market (#20). Here too you can find locally made food, wooden crafts, woollen clothes and other crafts that will catch your eye. Remember the rule: if you like it buy it. It either may not be there later or you will simply not be able to find it when you return!

#21. At the next corner as you head back down Calle Fresia towards the main street lies a wonderful little treasure trove of soaps, body lotions and scented candles. A great place for gifts and also the perfect store to find something to treat yourself after a long day wandering around the shops of Pucón!

Back to the main street and you will find an upmarket artisan store located in a narrow shop. They offer some really great quality Chilean copper items which also make great take-back-home-gifts.

And so our shopping tour ends.... At #23 which is a coffee shop that has been gracing the corner of Calle Lincoyan with the main street for decades. With a perfect view of the volcano from the outdoor terrace this is a great place to take a look at your purchases and work out if you still have any energy left to do the whole shopping route once more in search of more souvenirs!

And don’t forget that Lake Lodge will be waiting for you just 3km from town in a tranquil haven of silence, bird calls and panoramic lake views.

Contact us here today for rates and reservations.

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