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What activities can I do this summer in Pucón?

Stuck for which activities to choose in Pucón?

Check out our ideas designed specifically for couples and families!

The many activities, hikes, waterfalls, national parks, lakes and viewpoints available in Pucón can almost seem overwhelming! Too much choice can confuse us. Sometimes we are just looking for an easy life and a bit of guidance. After all, you are on holiday!

Here at Lake Lodge we offer stylish simplicity, uninterrupted rest and unassuming comfort. This blog intends to extend that service from the geographical confines of our very rooms, gardens and pool, to assist you in making clear and easy choices that meet your individual needs.

Read on for ideas of how to fill a three night stay for adventurous, and no-so-adventurous, couples and families:


Day 1: Lake Lodge hotel check in and enjoy the views from the roof terrace for a while before heading off on a walk following local tracks right from the door of the lodge. Carry your own picnic (ideal to buy in advance to save heading back into town). On your return, take a dip in the infinity pool and relax on your private terrace with a glass of chilled champagne.

Day 2: Full day hike to Villarrica volcano OR 5-6 hour return trek through Huerquehue National Park. You must do the first option with an activity company in town. The second option can be done alone by driving to the main entrance and following the self-guided route.

Day 3: Start your morning with a half day canopy ride over endemic forests, and in the afternoon how about a white water rafting experience? If you have white water rafted before, maybe you would prefer to opt for a more unique experience such as descending the rapids in a ducky (inflatable kayak) or you could also choose hydrospeeding. Only for the adrenaline fuelled! You can then top of your day with an evening visit to the hot springs to relax those aching muscles!


Day 1: Lake Lodge hotel check in and explore the roof terrace, the pool area and the gardens before heading into town to take a half day canopy ride over the local forests. With a minimum age of 7 this is a great family experience.

Day 2: Full day family driftboat experience on a local river allowing the chance to observe birds, try out your hand at fly fishing and take a swim in the crystalline waters. No minimum age and all gear is provided.

Day 3: Choose between the following two options for an unforgettable day! Meet dozens of husky dogs at a local farm where you can play, feed and take a sled ride out with them. Available in the snow and in the summer this is a real unique way to pass your day. Take a 3 hour horse ride across the flanks of the volcano guaranteeing amazing views and that unrivalled feeling of freedom!

PROFILE 3: NOT-SO-ADVENTUROUS COUPLES AND FAMILIES (this option is super child friendly too!)

Day 1: Lake Lodge hotel check in and enjoy the views from the roof terrace. Head into town for a light lunch and then walk up to the monastery overlooking the town for some great panoramic views. Spend the afternoon browsing the local handicraft markets and then make your way back to the lodge for a dip in the infinity pool and to relax on your private terrace with a glass of chilled champagne (freshly squeezed juice for the kids of course!).

Day 2: Grab a map and make your way out to the local waterfalls: Ojos de Caburgua, Puma, Leon y Marimán. All require short drives in-between and easy walks from the parking to the base of each fall. If the weather is good, call into a supermarket on the way as you pass through Pucón to pick up a picnic. A great way to immerse yourself in the local outdoors.

Day 3: A wonderful picturesque drive from Lake Lodge towards Villarrica and then on towards Coñaripe will guarantee many photo stops before arriving at the revered Geometric hot springs for an afternoon of lazing and soaking. If you prefer, you could head to Curarrehue and find out more about the Mapuche community, buy some local crafts and taste some delicious pastries and cakes. If you don’t want to drive so far with smaller kids, then opt for the more local Los Pozones rustic style hot springs which you can also combine with a visit to Curarrehue to create a full day trip.

Lake Lodge can point you in the right direction of where to book these activities after a well deserved rest and glass of wine on the roof terrace after check in.

Just 3km from the centre of town Lake Lodge is a haven of silence bird calls and panoramic lake views. We look forward to hosting you at the lodge.

Contact us here today for rates and reservations.

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