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How to avoid the crowds in Pucón this summer...

Pucón has long been a firm favorite for summer vacations, which means it can get quite busy downtown. To beat the crowds, we suggest get up early and head out to visit the many many lakes that adorn this beautiful part of Chile. You can choose just one and select a shady spot and relax there for the day, or if you prefer to drive from one to the other taking panoramic shots and enjoying shorter stays at each one, there are plenty to choose from.

The area between Temuco, in the Araucanía region, and Puerto Montt, in the Lake region, boasts dozens of wonderful options with inspiring backdrops. From conical volcanoes to jagged peaks, the choices are many.

Here is our list of lake views that are simply not to be missed in this area made up of three independent regions yet locally known as the one and only Lake and Volcano region of southern Chile…

Conguillio Lake: located in Conguillio National Park just north east of Temuco city.

Icalma Lake: right next to the International pass to Argentina of the same name.

Budi Lake: just a stone’s throw from Puerto Saavedra on the coast 1 hour drive from Temuco.

Colico Lake: located on a hidden away back road between Cunco and Pucón close to Temuco.

Caburgua Lake: a perfectly crystalline lake ideal for swimming just 30 minutes from Pucón.

Villarrica Lake: a vast lake, 26 km long, between Pucón and Villarrica. Lake Lodge offers a perfect 270° view over the calm waters.

Calafquen Lake: south of Pucón on the shores of Lican Ray lies vast and wavy Calafquen.

Panguipulli Lake: a beautiful location with impressive views of three volcanoes: Villarrica, Mocho-Choshuenco and Quetrupillán.

Pirihueico Lake: offers a boat ride over towards the Argentine border, Pirihueico is a perfect example of the vast wilderness of southern Chile.

Riñihue Lake: again offers stunning views of Mocho-Choshuenco volcano, Riñihue is a hidden gem.

Ranco Lake: this lake is only found if you divert from the main highway on your way to Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt.

Puyehue Lake: From Osorno Puyehue is a popular stop on the way across to Argentina.

Rupanco Lake: Another gem hidden off the beaten track close to the national parks belonging to the lake region where Puerto Montt is located.

Llanquihue Lake: the second largest lake in Chile after General Carrera on the southern highway in Patagonia, Llanquihue flanks the popular tourist town of Puerto Varas.

There you go! Of course there is a selection of amazing hotels and lodges located with views over these lakes. In fact there are far too many to name them all but we will shamelessly devote a moment to sharing the stunning panorama taken from the roof terrace and framed from all rooms of the Lake Lodge overlooking our very own Villarrica lake.

To get to know every corner of this territory we suggest following the Ruta Interlagos, (Interconnected Lake Route), currently available from Victoria (north of Temuco) to Puerto Varas (on the shores of Llanquihue lake).

For more information, and of course for reservations and a well-deserved break from your lake spotting overland trip, we invite you to contact us here at the Lake Lodge today for preferential summer rates.

Happy travel planning!

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