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Why Chiloé Island is a must on your Chile itinerary

Mystical windswept Chiloé island is filed with magical realism and is reminiscent of lost villages and lush backdrops which seem to step right out of the literature of Garcia Marquez, Allende or Carpentier. A logical stop between Pucón & southern Patagonia, this second largest island in South America is just a 25-minute ferry ride from the port of Pargua to the town of Chacao at the northern tip of the island. Geographically it is relatively close to the mainland, but it remains far far away in terms of culture, identity and traditions. The group of islands that make up the Gran Isla de Chiloé evolved pretty much independently of the conforming influence from Santiago, allowing a rich and di

¿Ciclismo en Chile? Una tendencia creciente con comentarios ganadores !

Durante décadas, ávidos ciclistas en todo el planeta han ido adquiriendo todo tipo de terreno. Eventualmente agotan sus destinos más cercanos y comienzan a buscar nuevas opciones en otros lugares. Chile cae en esta última categoría. Escondido entre los Andes, el Pacífico y los inmensos casquetes de hielo, tradicionalmente no siempre ha sido la primera opción para muchos como destino de vacaciones, y mucho menos como destino de ciclismo. Sin embargo, todo eso ha cambiado. Durante el último ciclo, el turismo se ha vuelto cada vez más popular gracias a las condiciones favorables en Chile, por lo cual ha recibido tan grandes elogios como este : ¡Chile lidera el ranking del mejor destino en el mu

Cycling in Chile? A growing trend with winning reviews

For decades avid cyclists across the planet have taken on all kinds of terrain. Eventually they deplete their closest destinations and they begin to search further afield for new options. Chile falls into this latter category. Hidden away between the Andes, the Pacific and vast ice caps, it has traditionally not always been the first choice for many as a holiday destination, let alone as a cycling destination. All of that has now changed! Over recent year's cycle tourism has become more and more popular thanks to the favorable conditions in Chile, leading to such great accolades as this: "Chile leads rankings of best destination in world for cycle tourism"! Published in 2017 in the internati

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