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Book to visit Chile now! International arrival numbers set to surge in 2016…

At a recent tourism event in California, Chile was the trending topic! Not because of a major earthquake, not because of a spectacular mining rescue, simply because it is being requested more and more as a desirable tourism destination. The world really does seem like a much smaller place in our current decade. With space travel becoming a “relatively” affordable option, travel to once forgotten corners of the world such as Chile, is suddenly not so off-the-beaten track anymore. Earlier this year predictions edged around 5 million international visitors by 2020. Now they are confidently predicting 5.6 million international visitors by the end of 2016! This whopping figure looks set to become

Skiing and Winter Sports around Pucón

As you already know, Pucón offers an endless list of adventure activities to enjoy, some of them are more readily available during the summer months, and also slightly preferable on a sunny day! Parasailing over the lake for example, or jet skiing, or even some prefer the white water river based activities only when the rays are beating down…. However, the winter months welcome a large influx of tourists to Pucón all searching for the same conditions: fresh powder snow! Of course being quite a long way down south at the end of the world, we do have quite a lot of that white stuff falling from the skies. But, many people do not know that snow very very rarely falls in Pucón itself. There is p

Ski y Deportes de Invierno en los alrededores de Pucón

Como ya saben, Pucón ofrece innumerables actividades de aventura para disfrutar, algunas de ellas están disponibles fácilmente durante los meses de verano y también preferiblemente en un día soleado! Como por ejemplo : parasailing sobre el Lago Villarrica, paseos en motos de agua e incluso algunos prefieren las actividades en los ríos de agua blanca sólo cuando los rayos del sol golpean fuertemente.........sin embargo, los meses de invierno dan la bienvenida a una gran afluencia de turistas, todos en búsqueda de lo mismo : fresca nieve polvo !! Siendo, por supuesto, un largo camino hacia el sur en el fin del mundo, tenemos mucha de esa "cosa blanca" que cae de los cielos, pero muchas persona

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